Weight Guide

All weights are quoted as oven ready with giblets. Approx servings are generous and allow for some leftovers.
Each weight is the minimum value for each range, i.e. The 5 kg range covers between 5.0kg and 5.4kg.


A Turkey crown is simply a whole turkey without the legs and thighs. They are ideal for those who prefer the white breast meat, are quicker to cook and easier to carve.

A Demi Turkey is a whole turkey cut lengthways so you get half of the breast and one leg and thigh. They are ideal for those catering for a smaller group.


Bronze feathered turkeys are a more traditional breed and can have a slightly 'gamier' flavoured meat.

White turkeys are a younger breed and were originally introduced so that the stumps of the black feathers were less visible when plucked. While they have a more subtle flavour, the meat is still succulent and delicious.